About our pharmacy

At MVSAH we are updating our pharmacy and prescription protocols to better help our clients. We will no longer be validating prescription requests that come in from outside sources, such as online pharmacies. The main reason for this is that we cannot guarantee the quality of the product being ordered. At MVSAH all of the products we carry are shipped directly from the manufacturer and are stored in the proper conditions (temperature, etc). If you want to know more, read from the areas below. 

Food & Prescription Delivery

Have the convenience of getting your pet’s prescriptions and/or food delivered right to your door. Our complete line of Hill’s Prescription and Non-Prescription food is available to be delivered straight to your door. Your pet’s medication can be mailed to you at no charge, or if you live within a 5 mile round-trip of the hospital, we will deliver the medication at no charge. Or, the medications can always be ready for pick up at the hospital. 

** Please schedule a week prior to needing the food or medication**

You can contact the pharmacy at: 209-634-0023 and The extension is 240. The email is 

Products that are sold through other channels are not monitored by any federal or state agencies. Their products may have been stored inappropriately, damaging the quality of the product.

They could be from a false manufacturer, and may not be the real product. There have been instances where the product does not contain any actual medicine at all.

Another important reason is that most manufacturers will only offer their guarantee on products if it is purchased through a licensed veterinarian.

Here at MVSAH we keep accurate records of your pets prescriptions which is beneficial in treating your pet and keeping them healthy. We have the ability to special order liquid, flavored medications we do not normally carry and we can also provide clients with their pet’s written prescription if needed. With approved refills, allow at least 24 hours. Some refills may require a doctor’s authorization. Along with providing prescriptions, the Pharmacy at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital offers pill pockets for both cats and dogs, pill cutters, pill guns (for cats), and multi vitamins.We are a client-patient-centered hospital and treat each pet with respect, love and compassion.

Please Call (209) 634-0023 ext 4 to speak with our pharmacy.