Pets are living longer, healthier lives.

Did you realize that the average life expectancy of dogs and cats has more than doubled in the past 30 years?

Today’s dogs and cats enjoy an average of twelve or more wonderful years with their human families. That is a lot of love! An increase in the number of older pets in our practice means new challenges in the way we care for them. In fact, over 28% of all dogs and over 25% of all cats are over eight years of age. While age is not a disease, it does merit special consideration. It is vital that we respect our older pet patients and provide them with optimal care to assist them in the pursuit of even longer and healthier lives.It is important to obtain a thorough history on all older pets. Without a detailed and complete medical history, we may overlook the early signs of a treatable disease. Review this list of some of the conditions frequently encountered in senior pets. Many loving pet owners attribute these types of changes to “just getting older.”