Spay & Neutering

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A general rule of thumb for spaying and neutering is the younger the better. They only exception is giant breeds where owners should discuss their pets individually specific needs with their vet prior to surgery. As young as 12-16 weeks and at least 2 lbs.


Female dogs and cats

  • no chance of uterine cancer
  • no chance of pyometra (uterine infection – VERY costly to treat; ends in spay)
  • Before 1st heat- wipes out chances of mammary tumors later on
  • Female cats once they begin their heat cycles are very hard to catch out of heat due to not having regular heat cycles like dogs (around every 6 months)

Male dogs and cats

  • Lowers chances of prostate/urinary issues
  • no chance of testicular cancer
  • male cats- if done before they start, can prevent spraying
  • male dogs- if done before they start, can lower chances of undesirable behaviors such as hiking/marking, mounting/humping, territoriality, aggressive behavior

Just because you spay/neuter your pet DOES NOT mean that they will get fat! But their metabolism slows down with the decrease in hormones and their daily intake of food must decrease by 30%