Pet Rehab

Not just for people…
Paralleling the trend in human health care toward alternative, non-invasive approaches is the understanding that animals also benefit from these procedures!! Therapy can assist in rapidly speeding-up the healing process and assisting the animal’s return to its previous functional level. The techniques and treatments are similar to those used in human therapy but are specifically adapted to animals. Physical therapy by definition is a scientifically-based healthcare profession directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining physical function and movement.

Water exercise and pool therapy are available and are great rehab tools. An articele in the AKC Family Dog Magazine writes, “The principle is that injured dogs are able to do things in water they can’t yet do standing on the dry ground. The buoyancy of the water diminishes stress on the joints but allows a dog to work to strenghthen muscles.”

Physical Therapy

There is substantial research available which indicates that muscle atrophy begins within 24-48 hours following injury/surgery. Research also demonstrates that when rehab is delayed, there is increased swelling due to lack of movement, loss of muscle control and joint stability and increased stiffness of muscles and tendons. Full weight-bearing activities would often be limited for weeks after surgery, which extends your pets recovery time considerably.

If you think your pet can benefit from this form of therapy, set up an appointment today with the staff at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital.