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Boarding Information & Prices

We offer a variety of boarding options for pets. The two main options, other than sizing, is our pampered vs. standard boarding areas. Pampered offers suites, medium cages, and small cages. Standard offers a dog run, large cages, medium cages, and small cages. Our pampered options fill up quickly, especially for the holidays. Pets that board in pampered may bring their own blankets, bedding, and toys if the client chooses.

If a puppy or kitten is not fully vaccinated, they must stay in pampered and will not be taken for walks. This protects them from exposure to parvo. 


A much quieter environment than standard. It offers a complimentary bath, TV, and a live webcam in the suite. We have 5 suites to offer. Clients are able to log online and view the webcam through our website. These pets are walked at least 5 times a day.


This boarding option is located on our hospital side. All runs and cages are indoors. They are also walked at least 5 times a day. Our runs are large enough to fit several small dogs or two large dogs.

Holiday Boarding:

We require a $50 deposit that is nonrefundable if the owner cancels within 7 days of the scheduled boarding. Prices differ for holiday boarding.

Medical Boarding:

We offer medical boarding for pets that need additional supervision including GI issues, seizures, recovering from surgery, etc.

Accessing the webcam:

Log onto: 


Or you can also:

  • Click on the menu options
  • Select “our services”
  • Select “webcam”
  • Select the suite number you wish to view



All pets must be current on vaccinations (Dogs-DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies and Cats-FVRCP) All dogs are recommended to have a Bordetella Vaccine at least two weeks prior to boarding. We can give a Bordetella vaccine when your pet comes to our facility, however, your pet may be more susceptible to catching kennel cough.  There is always a charge for the day your pet is dropped off, if your pet is picked up by noon on the pick up day, there will be no charge for an additional day. There is a $5.00 fee for medication per administration except when your pet stays in Pampered Boarding. There is a $50 mandatory deposit for all pets boarding over the holiday periods along with holiday price increase. Please contact Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital with any questions. Pets Boarding together receive a 25% Discount. Please limit the amount of belongings you bring for your pet. Each pet is supplied with their own storage spot that is the size of a shoe box. If you wish to bring food for your pet, please only supply enough for their stay with us plus three days.

" We know you will sometimes find yourself in a situation where your pet needs a temporary place to stay and we offer a wonderful boarding facility for when that time comes. Your pet will be taken care of as if he or she were our own family member. Your companion will be safe and well cared for in this environment, no matter what season it is. We can take care of your dog or cat with the care you would expect. Holidays and weekends book up fast. Please contact the staff at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital for more information and to make a reservation today. "