Thank you for your kind words!

“Dr Santos is the best vet by far thank you so much for the kindness you and the staff has shown my friend Ellen when she had her life long friend put to sleep you all were so fantastic to her and Reba”

I have been taking my 4 legged family to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital for more than 10 years now. I have always found the vets to be professional and caring. The staff is efficient and polite. I have taken in emergencies and routine visits and have never had a complaint. I have had to have some pets euthanized, and have been treated with respect and caring and my beloved babies treated with kindness. Dr. Santos saved a male cat of mine using skill and expertise, when "Robbie" was diagnosed with a bladder blockage that probably would have killed him. They have done routine spays and neuters, stitched up lacerations and everything in-between. My husband and I have moved all over the country frequently, and finding a good vet for our pets is always first on my list. I trust my pets to these doctors and their staff, which in my book counts for everything. I am an ex-hospice nurse, and am no stranger to the medical world. This hospital is top of the list for me, offering great doctors and state of the art facility.

Suzanne Hoover
Dr. Janna Perez is an absolute Godsend. My fur baby, Crusty Rusty was mauled by a neighbor's large, viscous dog several weeks ago, and he is on the road to recovery because of her unwavering dedication, innovative approach to care, superb pain management, and obvious love for my little guy. He has to go in every other day for bandage changes because his wounds are so severe they could not be sutured closed, and it will be a 6 month healing process. She never once gave up on him. She keeps me informed constantly, provides me with photos and diligent notes, and (most importantly) little Rusty beast just loves her! His tiny tail started wagging the minute she walked up in the waiting room today. Even with a huge, painful wound, he is still in high spirits and happy to see Dr. Perez. I LOVE HER!!! I will never go to another vet!
Pamela Warda
Been trusting them with my animals for years!
Kathy Evans Fielder 
AWESOME! They are the best! I miss them so- I recently moved out of the area and not impressed with my new vet choices so far!!!
Toni Jurevich
My baby Brodie has been through immense trauma and subsequent infections for over eighteen months now. His previous vet acted as if he didn’t matter. Everything changed when we met Dr. Estrada and the staff at Monte Vista. Everyone cares for Brodie and Dr Estrada is truly dedicated to him getting better. He had his third surgery five days ago and when we went to have his drain removed today he was healed enough to have all his stitches removed. Thank you all for helping to name my baby better. I immensely appreciate all the care and dedication to healing along with superior customer service.
Chavon Bates
I never thought I would put a review up but montevista vet hospital is the best they are all very nice and knowledgable. Love Dr. Perez and Dr. Lee thank you to all of you.
Stacy Sifford
Your staff and Doctors are awesome !!!! I thank you for taking such great care of my little Daisy. Unfortunately she had to go to eternal sleep on Monday, April 20, 2015 …..thank you for your loving compassion.
Julie Witt Dahna
The only place we trust to take our Sphynx cats too! They have provided nothing but great service. 5 stars in our book!
Amberly Ortiz
Just left the office after having our first visit for my two little canine babies. Saw Dr. Lee and we absolutely loved her. The staff was also super nice and helpful! Definitely recommend this vet!
Lisa Jones
Monte Vista Vet is a wonderful place to take your fur babies! They handle EVERY situation with class and dignity! In September we had to put our precious baby boy Bayne down, and Dr. Estrada helped us through the process! We now have a new baby boy, Ares…and I’m sure he will love Dr. Estrada just as much as his big brother did!!
Jennette M. Bird
I think Monte Vista Small Pet Hosp is great. The care is excellent and the packages are affordable. I’m glad I came here with my two baby Shih Tzus and only unfortunate I didn’t find them before I wasted a lot of money at Taylor Vet.
Kim McMillian
This place is awesome. My dog caboodle had teeth pulled and a deep cleaning done today. Dr. Santos is the best. Staff is super nice.
Nancy Breshears
My babies have been seen here since the very beginning and I have always been happy with the vets and the front office. Recently I had to make the most difficult decision I’ve ever encountered with my oldest baby. Euthanasia was the only option for my guy and everyone that I spoke to during this whole thing was so caring and polite, I couldn’t have asked for more. Yesterday I received a sympathy card in the mail that meant so much to me. Thank you so much for caring. I will continue to bring Shadow to you for care! Thank you!
Eilbra Sarkis
My puppy loves Dr. Santos. Excellent Vet! Summer and Sara are fantastic as well!
Alexxis Carvalho
Everyone at Monte Vista Vet from the Receptionists to the incredible team of Veterinarians share an uncommon passion for our pets health and well-being as well as our piece of mind. Dr. Avalle went out of way to help one of our Shelties, Lilly, to overcome kidney problems due to a bout of Colitis. Dr. Santos and his team makes the 2 hour drive to the office well worth the time so that our beloved pups get the best care possible. Thank you to each of the hardworking staff there.
Linda Vatnsdal
The ladies are so sweet and my little Gizmo just loves them. Thanks for your care and compassion.
Jamie Miller
I bring my 3 dogs and 3 cats here. I’ve had nothing but good service and experience here for the last 2 years. Personal favorites Dr.’s Lee, Marks and Santos. They do a lot for the community and I value that. The place is clean and professional. My Saint Sammie loves the attention she gets from front desk. I encourage people to always ask questions regardless of what vet you use and how experienced. Monte vista is really good about helping understand procedures.
Evelyn Parra Vazquez
We’ve used Dr. Santos and the vet hospital for several years. Our dog has had major surgery and our contact survived a serious illness. Thank you to a very caring and knowledgeable group of vets and assists.
Becky Brittain
Got us in on an emergency and not much of a wait considering their full schedule! The entire staff was super friendly and Dr Lee was great! Thank you!!
Amy Lovett
Spay and neutered 4 dogs at once! They were most helpful and all employees were very pleasant! Mama Dog and puppies are doing well and grateful for the great treatment they got! I would recommend th to anyone! !
Pearl Hampton
Thanks to Dr Santos and the staff at Monte Vista!! Our Rylee was so sick this morning, and after a little needle poke, she is the lively active lil diva we love so much. Thanks so much!
Anthony Nicastro
Wouldn’t use anyone else for my dogs and kitty’s!!
Gina Gionta
When my dog needed a C-Section, they did it quickly and professionally. They answered every question and they really understood how important our fur babies are to us. The surviving puppy is also going to monte vista for her puppy shots and checkups. 🙂
Tabatha Newton
Thank you everyone and especially Dr Santos for helping us through a difficult situation today.
Tim Knapp
Everyone on staff is amazing. They are caring and supportve. They care for your four legged family members with love and respect. Thank you for what you all do.
Lisa Mariona
The best office in Turlock. Great pricing. Speedy service and knowledgeable staff. I wouldn’t trust my Great Danes with anyone else
Brityn Butrick
Always there when I need them, been with them for years
Lori Habeck
I have been taking my dogs from day one here. The staff is nothing but the best, very friendly & caring. Definitely would recommend them to every pet owner. Thanking them for the loving “sorry for your loss” card on behalf of my best friend America.
Josie Martin
Love this place
Diana Spore
Love this place! Very friendly staff (: and doctors love their patients like their own!!
Gloria Green
They took superb care of my cat when we were in Turlock. Thanks for all your great work!
Wendy Sebek
I love that they will usually work you in if you have a problem.
April Walker-Rose
I took my beloved Inu there, they always treated my dog with love and compassion. When the day came to put her down the vet was very kind and caring. I’ve never had a bad experience there.
Sherry Robillard Okamoto
I think all the staff and Doctors here are great, All of my pets go to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital, and always will, Great service Genuine concern and Amazing care 5 stars.
Jeremy Kost
The vet’s and staff at the hospital are terrific,I trust them.
Jeannie Rowe
i have been bringing my guys here since the begining 🙂
Serena Bird
thank God for dr lee….best vet on planet
Lance Ramirez
I live in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area. Looking for a vet clinic like yours. Not everyone has bottomless pockets for pet care. Hence, pets little medical needs go unattended til it turns to can’t ignore them anymore. Bad for everyone all around, mostly sweet furry babies.
Sally Villalva Garcia
Best vet in a 200 mile radius. These folks are amazing.
Bill Lindley
The staff is caring, kind , and patient, they have never turned me away, never been too busy, and let me tell you, there has never been a time when I walked in the door of that place and felt anything but welcome, these people will take time to listen to you, and to help you in any way that they can, always busier than a three-legged cat tryin to bury a turd on a frozen pond, but always kind, they are the best!!
Jimmy Hollaway
Love these guys!
Norma Bustamante-Kizer
So far Dr.Lee SUPER sweet. ..Praying my Bassett hound Fred gets well soon.
Cory Carrillo
More than one time they helped my min pin after being attacked. Love them!
Karagribble Neilbennett
Dr. Santos is by far the best!
Carol Stirling-Grace
Best in Stanislaus County
Gram Cracker
Love Love Love them.
Carolyn Guedea
Great vets
Adam B Bates
I think that animal shelter hospital is a blessing for animal . Helps save animal lives like people
Jeanisa Johnson
Best vets around!
Sandra Hagerman-Cico
Everyone from the front desk, to the assistants, to the Docs are THE BEST♥♥♥
Kristi Hendren
Love it everyone is always very helpful!
Ruth Perez
It’s a great place my cat loves it
James Gregory
Great place for your pet 🙂
Natalie Valencia
I have been going to dr santos for almost 20 years. I have a special needs cat and I would not go anywhere else. The other doctors have been great as well. Awesome hours and you can almost always get in the same day. Definitely recommend
Buffy Soots
They went above and beyond for our pup…can’t thank them enough :)))
Robyn Lowenstein
Great place to take ur animals !!
Bobbie Carne
Dr Barrett and his staff are very nice, he cares about your pet and does a very good job treating them 🙂 He has saved a couple of my dogs and cats lives, while not breaking my pocket book 😉 His puppy plan for shots is affordable also, lets you pay all at once or every other week when you come back for the booster shots. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!
Nicole Oncay
Very caring
Rayana Schriver Hensler
Thank you for being so awesome ♡ the best you have been taking care of my furry family for years ♡ I appreciate everything you do
Gram Cracker
You guys are amazing!!!
Liz Remesal
Made my Sebastian all better in less then one day, on a weekend thank you!
Minion Lua
My favorite vet.
Courtney Crooks
Dr Rob!! We appreciate you and MVSAH!!
Janice Hobbs
Dr. Rob is awesome!! He cares!!!
Heather Phillips Bacon
Dr Santos is the most awesome Vet. Has taken care of all of our dogs with the best innovative and alternative care as well as traditional. We would never go to any other vet hosp than Mv! All the staff is excellent. Thank you!
Michelle Gill
Now that s a Great vet…!!!!
Liz Remesal
He took care of my wild/ domestic cat Cabo. He is in good heath now! Thanks DOC!!! Give this guy a beverage! He always works on holidays. Thanks again!
Anthony Barmettler
Wonder vet, hosp. and it’s staff. I love them.
Judy Humphrey
Dogtor Santos ROCKS!!!!
Pinky Rocky Sereno
The best ever
Julie Painter-Hagen
more doctors need to be like Santos.
Kate Naka
Always there to help and make sure people take care of their pets! U r amazing doctor Santos and r greatly appreciated! Keep up the amazing work.
Rachel Shipman
Can’t say enough about how amazing these people are here !!
Stephen Cooper
O now that’s a vet that cares about are pets . We need more of you Dr. Santos . I never met you but thank you for all your hard work and thank you for just giving extra love and care to everyones sweet pets . If I didn’t have my little Pepe in my life I don’t know how I could go on with myself after losing my mom From Sepsis . Pepe is my Best friend in the whole wide world .
Debbie Goldsby
Dr.Santos U Rock as always
Vickie Sperry
He’s great and so generous. Thank you Dr. Santos
Ruth Perez
Dr. Santos is an awesome veterinarian. I’m proud to have him as a cousin. He makes his family and friends proud. We know that he love animals and people. Gizmo and BooBoo tell me he’s their best forever vet. Thanks Rob.
Marlene Murphy
Thank you Dr. Santos for your help and fine work done.
Linda Linan
Thank you Dr Santos for your care and concern even itf it’s miles away!!
Lynn Di Bari
Best Vet ever!
Sharon Dutra
Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital my animals are well taken care of and have a Vet but Thank you
Don Loftis
I love this place!!! Our baby Fiona goes here. Great staff and doctors
Tara Davis I
You guy’s are Awesome. .
Judi McCown Summers
They are far beyond awesome !!! Such compassion for the fur-babies….and their “parents”.
Julie Witt Dahna
Enjoy your time off you all deserve it MVSAH is the best!
Liz Taylor
Well deserved you guys are awesome
Carol Brown Repetto
Have a great time.. Well deserved
Betty Mendoza Barry
Love this ! Everyone at MVSAH rocks !!!!
Michelle Sandoval
So deserved. Your staff is wonderful!
Dori Hastings Silva
Great pic!!!! You guys are awesome! Duke, Oso, and Blanco appreciates all of you guys. Enjoy the game
Oscar Aguilar
Your the best!
Suzanne Heuer Souza
Excellent staff , I might add!!!!!
Michelle Sandoval
Love the staff there….
Barbara Park
The best the only vet i will go to cause the staff takes good care of my boy
Adam Peart
They deserve it. Your staff are awsome. All of them smile emoticon
Terry Katz
That’s awesome!
Angela Breshears Morris
Great Staff & Excellent Veterinarians!
Sylvia Leticia Cisneros
awesome staff !!
Julie Witt Dahna
MVSAH staff is the best!
Denise Anderson
A couple years ago I had to take my babies to the emergency weekend clinics. $$$ It’s real cool to have my regular vet open seven days a week.
Alan Helm
They are the best
Trudy Young Medeiros
I thank God for all of you
Michelle Sandoval
I love Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital. You guys are the greatest.
Jackie Alst
Shared, and I too love Monte vista small animal clinic….. Love!
Sheila Stewart
He is the best!!!
Nancy Breshears
He ROCKS!!!!!
Patty Jaquith Stroming
Wonderful doctor best all around
Diana Spore
He’s the greatest
Renee Vaga
We LUBZ dogtor Santos!!!!!
Pinky Rocky Sereno
This is awesome!! He is sooo amazing!
Meagan Peart
Hands down the best around!! Absolutely love him!
Tina Linan
The most wonderful vet anywhere!
Sheryl Justice Morgan
Really like Monte Vista small animal hospital and the doctors are helpful and kind
Freddie Lindquist
He’s good, he takes care of my animals
Lula Avilla
He is awesome.
Nancy Breshears
Dr Santos is the Best! Miss you all
Chris Berman Billesbach
You & your services are awesome. These two are so sweet. Thanks for all your staff and what they do.
Donna Clarke Delaire
He’s the best doctor and so deserving to be Turlock Best Businessman Of The Year…
Betty Mendoza Barry
He’s the best doctor ever. Congratulations Dr. Marks!
Lori Casenave Hoover
Congratulations and best wishes on a well deserved honor Dr.Marks.
Cindy Schumacher Trow
Congrats to most helpful, most respectful, and best vet ever!
Cindi Vallin
Go Doug!!
Charmaine DeKasha Lazar
Big congrats!
Mark Clemens
Congratulations from your patients Edward and Oski Delgado–and me, too:D
Hillari Delgado
Congratulations! Nice work.
Delores Puckett
Congrats Doug! Way to look good!
Cathy Newhouse Wallace
Yep, he’s an amazing human, and I bet pretty high up in the animal world, too! Well deserved!!
Nancy L Pittman
Thank you for the opportunity! Love you guys and helping me help a feral cat. He is healthy and happy!
Lynn Zina Schmidt
This is truly the best vet I have ever taken my animals too smile emoticon Thank you for all that you do!
Erin Genest
I can’t express how much I appreciate all you guys do for us and the whole Central Valley!! Thanks a million.
Jessica Johnson
Shared! Such a beautiful office and wonderful staff! Thanks for taking care of my fur babies, Casey and Nala.
Ciera Baltagi
Thanks again with my female boxer you guys were great it was really hard when I had to put her to sleep you really helped me and my family a lot thanks again.
Terry Justice
You guys are the best
Don-Sharon Thomason
Shared, thanks for always being there when needed, your the Best.
Debbie Rodriguez
you are a wonderful business…in and out I a timely manner and never felt like you are calculating ways to make money on my pets…thanks so much.
Kim Serpa Damele
Best care, anywhere! Thanks from my dogs!
Jeffrey Brown
they take really good care of your animal
Darlene Stobert-Warren
Friends wouldn’t go anywhere else !
Sheryl Garcia
Thank you for taking care of my boys. Cosmo and Blaze love their visits to MVSAH!
Coleman Elliott
Your staff offer so much love for all our four legged family members.
Donna Clarke Delaire
Love this place ! Max’s home away from home
Jane Drlik Strong
Love you guys! Won’t take my four-legged babies anywhere else and tell everyone you are the place to go – you guys are awesome!
Kathy Evans Fielder
I have all my animals taken care of by Dr. Santos since 1988
Michelle Saleen
I will always be a client of Dr. Santos he is the best! Love you all at Monte Vista Animal Hospital.
Michelle Saleen
Thank you to MVSAH staff you guys are the best!
Liz Taylor
Thank you for providing affordable pet care! Echo and Pickles thank you too!
Brooke Mello
Love this place
Timothy Olvera
Yay Monte Vista!!
Veronica Calderon Serpa
Best, trusting place to take my love ones… Duke my lil Great Dane and Oso my lil black lab! Thanks for the hours, very convenient.
Oscar Aguilar
Thanks MV you guys are superstars! I work in pet retail from riverbank to Merced and refer to you all the time. I’ve given your phone number out so many times I have it memorized. Several people have given feedback and thanked me because they had such a good experience. Thanks again for all the outreach you do!
Cindi Vallin
Great job, MVSAH.
Hillari Delgado
Thank you so much Monte Vista Vet for sponsoring these great events.
Allyson Montague
Thank you Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital for sponsoring this amazing event. It was lot’s of fun. My daughter loved dressing her basset hound up.
Tara Davis- Aschwanden
Doctor santos is the best vet ever
Tiffany Robinson
Yes but dr Marks rules!
Cindi Vallin
You both are right!! That’s why “they” make a great team!! And all their staff at both locations are awesome!!! Thank you for being AWESOME!! We often don’t have enough of that in our lives!!!
Cristy Gallegos
Humane Society of Stanislaus CountyThank You MVSAH for taking such good care of our Holly!
Luv this place and the people that work there. I recently had my cat fixed there and they were awesome!!!!!
Kristi Ann
Happy Birthday Dr. Santos on behalf of Opie Ramirez and his mommy!!!!!! You are the best
Silvia Ramirez
Happy Birthday Dr. Santos… and a big Thank you…for taking care of our furry friends ♡
Gram Cracker
Happy Birthday Dr. Santos from Homer and his grateful human companions!!
Janelle Lewis-Moore
Happy birthday Dr. Santos. Your the best
Jodie Heaton
Happy birthday Rob. Thanks for all the care. Lana,Finn and Jannie
Kimberley Studley
Kindest and most considerate vet I’ve ever known. Happy birthday sir!
Courtney Crooks
Happy birthday Dr.Santos!! Ur such a wonderful docter!!!!
Katherine Martinez
Happy Birthday Dr. Santos! To the most caring, compassionate, Veterinarian I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration.
Debi Varner
You are amazing.
Christine Wagner McGregor
Great Animal Hospital…took my pets there before moving to Modesto
Judy Vieira Taylor
I would recommend this place to anyone. Dr. Santos and his crew are wonderful. I want to thank everyone who we dealt with yesterday. We had to do the horrible deed to put down my cat and everyone there was so nice and understanding. Thank you everyone for everything. You made this difficult time a little less difficult.
Cindy Williams
Yay Monte Vista!!
Veronica Calderon Serpa
The extended hours make it so much easier. Thank you
Linda Vatnsdal
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Winnie today. He’s doing much better!
Teri Ruscigno
Dr Santos is my hero!
Jerry Rusch
He’s just pretty dang amazing. Heart him to pieces.
Lisa Cornett
He’s the best!
Cynthia Combs Roberts
Pretty smart cat to know who’s the best Vet in town! Monte vista rocks!!
Vickie Sperry
Thank you for always taking great care of Sophie! Happy New Year to the Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital staff!
Cherie Carlson Bowen
MVSAH does such wonderful things for these precious, injured and homeless animals! My husband and I recently adopted a wonderful little dog from MVSAH. We appreciate all that you do for them Doc Santos and staff.
Jean Rae
What a guy! I can tell how much everyone there really loves and cares for their patients. Thank you all!!
Stefanie Baker Morriston
Great people highly recommend it.
Jose E. Arroyo
You guys are great
Dottie Stamper
We’ve experienced the expertise of the professionals. Thank you.
Martha Cardoza
Thank you for all you do!!
Cathleen Zerga Cooper
had our little dog there this past week the people that work there are the very best
Mary Hueitt
Thanks for all you do!
Jaimie Kinimaka-Velarde
You guys are awesome!
Brandon Barrett
Our techs are amazing!
Sara Leimgruber
U guys r great!
Julie Timeus Odell
All u guys are great!
Maria Lara
Hey all you are so special and caring ! Louie Ginger and Gizzy said to tell you all ” YOU ROCK “
Patty Pridmore-Schauer
The Best!
Doug Marks
Great pic!!!! You guys are awesome! Duke, Oso, and Blanco appreciates all of you guys. Enjoy the game
Oscar Aguilar
Love you all!
Mary Washburn
They deserve it. Your staff are awsome. All of them
Terry Katz
Great job Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital
Sandy DeWalt Marks
Thank you Monte Vista small animal hospital. Thank you for all your caring!
Jean Rose Marie Meier
Bless you who feel animals are worth the effort of sacrificing a holiday for!! I’m sure you don’t get told that as often as you should. Sending prayers to God for all of you and the patients you treat today!
Diane Woodrow
Awesome dr. Santos! It was great!
Christine Johnson Triebsch
Dr. Santos is an excellent surgeon and can do anything! My American Bulldog got his heavy leather, metal spiked collar off and swallowed it whole! Abdominal x – rays lit up like a Christmas tree. Dr. Santos did surgery and removed it intact! Saved our dog’s life!
Cindy Schumacher Trow
I love this place and all the staff. I won’t go anywhere else.
Carolyn Guedea
My pets have always received the BEST care at Monte Vista! The veterinarians, technicians and office staff are all excellent. She is in very good hands.
Cindy Schumacher Trow
And we have the best Vet care! Thank you Dr. Santos!
Carol Stirling-Grace
Your staff is the best! I had to put my 13 year daschund down this summer. Dr Alvarez was the best! And the staff was so comforting and understanding and made the office visit fast with no hesitation. They were very comforting. I tear up thinking about that day. I have an appointment today actually for my new daschund puppy to get shots! Thanks ALL of you so much!!
Shelly Gomes Soares
The Romero Zoo loves Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital!
Gayle Stone Romero
Great docs and great care!
Cindi Vallin
You also have the best staff!! You guys have always been phenomenal! Youve helped us through tough times and been there for the good ones too! Thank you!
Jennifer Gillit
Love Dr Z!!
Cassie Talaga-Nascimento
Thanks for your 15 years of service to my boys !!
Kathi Farber
Best Vets around!
CJ Krewe
Greatest vet hospital around!!!
Beth Silva
Great friendly staff and prices.
Nancy Martin
Shared! Love my family at Monte Vista! Tiny Beast and Marley say thank you for always being there we they need you. As for myself and my family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you do everyday. Bless you
Jillian Roberts
Id love to win this iPad so I can show off all my babies that Monte Vista animal hospital had cared for
Sue Robinson
Best Veterinarian in town! The only place I would ever take my babies!
Kelly Gomes Hittesdorf
Eddie loves MVSAH!
Sara Brookes
Love the vets and staff at MVSAH!
Sandra Hagerman-Cico
Only place I take my babies!
Marly Mendoza
Dr. Santos is the best
Jamie Nicole Moyers
A little out of my way (I live in Oakdale) but this is where I take my kitties for spay and neuter. Great, friendly staff
Linda Sargenti Watson
You guy have been wonderfull to are fur babies.
Sherry Robillard Okamoto
I’ve taken all my animals here. 2 dogs,2 puppies and 2 cats. Awesome staff and they are all so loving to my animals
Niccolaia Lyn Marie Pence
Very great vet. They have been wonderful letting me shadow them to make sure I want to become a vet.
Kayla Hilvers
Love MVSAH!!
Janice Hobbs
Love it here our puppy even loves it
Joyce Mendoza
Monte Vista small animal hospital is the only place I would take my dog which are my babies. They treat them so special and like they are their own babies. If someone ask me who to take their pets to no matter what their pet is I would tell them Monte Vista Vet. I would love an IPad even if I don’t win I would never take my pets any where else the are my family
Cindy Massey
You guys are awesome!
Michelle Avila
To say they are a wonderful hospital and leave a lasting impression is an understatement. I had the privilege of shadowing Dr. Santos before they moved over to monte vista. I will never forget the heart shown by him toward the animals. I even recall them taking in a calf when other small animal hospitals had turned them away (even though they were/are a small animal hospital themselves).
Stephanie Gonzalez
I’ve been going to Dr. Santos since he was like,,, I dunno,,, a teenager. I think all his nude pics back then were Polaroid. When he was over on Crane he stayed all night to save my Pie Pie. She’s been gone for years now. But he gave her a lot of years she never woulda had.
Alan Helm
A great ,friendly place to take our pets. Thanks Doc Santos.
Jean Rae
When we adopted they did our spay & doc tail, great facilty
Karen Day
Although its a little drive from Gustine there isn’t any other vet in the area that I would ever take my fur babies to!
Desiree Mendonca
Your staff is the best! I had to put my 13 year daschund down this summer. Dr Alvarez was the best! And the staff was so comforting and understanding and made the office visit fast with no hesitation. They were very comforting. I tear up thinking about that day. I have an appointment today actually for my new daschund puppy to get shots! Thanks ALL of you so much!!
Shelly Gomes Soares
The Romero Zoo loves Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital!
Gayle Stone Romero
Great docs and great care!
Cindi Vallin
You also have the best staff!! You guys have always been phenomenal! Youve helped us through tough times and been there for the good ones too! Thank you!
Jennifer Gillit
Love Dr Z!!
Cassie Talaga-Nascimento
Thanks for your 15 years of service to my boys !!
Kathi Farber
Thanks for being there when ever needed. 7 days a week.
Kay Gonsalves
We have been clients for many many years. (Since Dr. Santos’ Community Vet days).
Kathy Wade
Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital does wonderful work and is such an asset to the Turlock Community! They truly about your pet and their office is always efficient. Thanks Dr. Santos for taking care of our boston terrier, Bella Jean!
Jeanette Farr-Harkins
Love ur office. Dr Rob Stanos.
Jodie Heaton
You guys are the best! So happy we have you as our vet!
Jessica Johnson
Thanks for taking care of our dog Ariel, we appreciate it.
Betty Medlock
Liked and shared. Love you guys. You take great care of my king and kayla.
Carolyn Guedea
Love Dr. Rob!
Theresa Foote
Best staff in town! Makes you feel very welcome
Erica Ruesga
Dr. Santos is amazing.
Tori Gamboa
Thanks for helping all these animals In need….something I’d like to do as a hobby some day …Pets are family
Tere Eqz
Love the Doctors and staff!
Jennyfer La Torre Alamo
The staff is wonderful. There for us for the good, the bad and all the times in between. Our sweet Nellie’s home away from home
Patte Hegg
I’m certain my dog lived a longer, comfortable life thanks to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital. They helped me honor her last moments with compassion and dignity. Also, the facility is always organized and clean with rofessional and considerate staff.
Courtney Crooks
We love MV Vet! They care so much about our furry kids.
Kelly Rae Swanson
Love you guys! Keep up the great work on everyone’s fur-babies… Also liked, shared and commented
Victoria Miller
My dog Posey loves this place
Becky Wildman
I’ve taken a few of my kitties to MV over the years & I have nothing but good things to say about them. Thank you!
Dorinda Young
My sasha loves it there. Everyone pets her!
Amanda VanGorder
After years of going to other vets, I took our newest pup to Monta Vista Vet and was so impressed. They will be the only place that we go from now on.
Jena Honor
You guys are amazing!! You took my dog in immediately when she was hit by a car and asked financial questions later. First focus my dogs survival!! THANK YOU MONTE VISTA SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL
Tonya Tolleson
I wish I lived closer to get the best care possible from the Vets at MVSAH!
Jennifer Lyn Bell
Nah….whether you guys are giving something away or not, you deserve props. We trust you with our furry family members.
Jena Honor
You guys have done great work with all 4 of my dogs! I’m excited that you guys are doing this give away.
Julian Frank Ruiz
Thank you for saving Daisy
Renee Schmitt-Wilbourn
I wouldn’t take my fur babies anywhere else but here! I appreciate the caring staff and awesome doctors for my lil’ guys! Thanks for the service you’ve given us over the years!
Amanda Lynn
Thank you for taking care of our babies!!!
Roxanne Doom-Germain
Wonderful facility and staff!
Stephanie Ocasio
Best vet around! You’ve been caring for my animals for over 20 years and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!
Traci Hagen
Our family loves the MVSAH family!
Jamie George
Awesome place. Saved my baby’s life. Highly recommended.
Sham Azevedo
We love you guys. The only vet I’ve taken my animals to where they walk right in. heart emoticon
Melissa Riley
Best vets around! Thank y’all for always taking such great care of my babies.
Ashley Horger
We love you guys!
Sandra Malough
Thanks for always making our Furry babies feel Better!
Brenda Thomas
Will never forget in my most difficult time and pain , received a special cardand letter that showed how much they care! That’s how you know when someone loves there job and cares!! Thank you for all you all do to make our pets feel better and that are more like family”kids” and you get it!! Have a great weekend!
Shirley Freitas
I have used your services on several occasion from regular office visits to emergencies like rat poisoning but I do have one specific time where I really saw what a great facility this was. This i a long confusing story but I’ll cut it short. A neighbor had Queensland Heeler at the ranch and ha been ran over. I was not aware if the situation till a month after. After investigating with my father and the workers at the ranch I found out that Orea had not been able to get up for a month. I urged the owner to take Oreo to the vet but nothing was done. The owner ended up moving leaving the furbaby behind. The day after I brought Oreo to Monte Vista to get checked. He had a broken pelvis that healed in the worst way possible obstructing bowel movement. He needed extensive and costly surgery to repair the damage because of his owners negligence. I couldn’t afford it. I was a college student. The Dr. Who helped us that day–gosh I wish I would remember her name– but she said this to me “Thank you for trying and taking Oreo in. You have two options get him the surgery or give him as much love as you can to make up for what he lacked before until it’s his time to go”. She was so kind she waived $100 off from our visit that day. I started to ball as soon as I got into my car. What a big heart for her to do that for us. Since then I wouldn’t be able to chose any other medical care for my furbabies. Thank you Monte Vista and the staff for all you do!!!
Alicia Fuente
We love Monta Vista Small Animal!!!
Shawna Wilson
I live gow the puppy is looking out the iPad window with his cute little paws. I also am very impressed with learning recently that Dr. Santos has a special interest in his geriatric patients. A special thank you to Dr. Santos for working on making my almost 16 year old pup feel better by applying his recently learned acupuncture treatments on her. Thank you so much!!!
Wendy Cavallero
Everyone is always so welcoming and loving to our Zeus! Thank you all!
Grizelle Rios
As usual, Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital is always thinking of their clients. An iPad has many uses, but the most important one it could be used for is to connect with Monte Vista on Facebook and to take adorable pictures of our pets so that we can post them. Thank you once again Monte Vista.
Linda Vatnsdal
love this place! i wouldn’t take my critters anywhere else!
Jessica Johnson
My baby loves all of them here!!
Debbie Spensley Peterson
We love you guys and are excited to have moved to the area to call you as our local vet!
Amy Lovett
Cricket just had his first checkup. Thank you!!
Kathryn Reyes
Fort Apache and AJ of Hellfirebullys say thank you for all the great care and the hugs and kisses every time we come in!!
Tracey Rod
Thank you for saving lives. And your sister clinic Community
Alisha Gonzalez
Monte Vista HAS the BEST Vets around!!!
Bonnie Edgecomb
Keep up the good work on all the fur babies.
Chris Brant
This is my favorite place to take my pets for all of their shots and checkups!!
Vickie Viss Schonwald
Thank you for all you do!
Alicia Collier
Monte Vista vets are the BEST, WOULDN’T TAKE MY FUR BABIES Anywhere eles! Thanks for all you do!
Louann Elliott
I have been taking my dogs there forever!! They where so nice when my lil baby passed away!! Best vet ever!! Won’t take my dogs anywhere else.
Maci Red
We could not be happier with our choice of Monte Vista Animal Hospital !! My girls love them!!
Debbie Spensley Peterson
Love all of the doctors and staff at Monte Vista, they have their hearts in the right place.
Emily Medeiros
Keep up the good work
Nando Vazquez
The only place we’ll take our pets! We heart emoticon MVSAH! smile emoticon
Kim Durbin
My animals are so relaxed when they visit the Monte Vista vets. We won’t go anywhere else
Annette Groves
Thank you rob!!!! And staff
Sandi Krueger
Love you guys and send all my friends and family your way.
Kelly Linville Morrill
You guys rock!
Shelly Mayotte
Monte Vista small animal hospital Rocks. You’re the best.
Jean Rae
My favorite animal doctors!!!!
Sonnya Hernandez
Dr Santos saved her life in August. Thats worth more then an Ipod any day.
Jeff Reed
Dr. Lee saved my chinchilla! We always send customers her way and will ALWAYS use Monte Vista for our needs
Amber Gold
You guys are the best! The only place for my rascal. Thank you for truly caring about the well being of our animals.
Desiree Johnson
Best place in town to take care of our precious pets!!
Kevin Allen
Great place!
Erica Machado
Love your pet pics!
Karen Souza
Thank you for taking such good care of our fur baby!
Melissa Shaljean
guys are such an awesome facility! Top place to take furbabies for sure!
Tracy Pizzo
Havoc loves Dr Marks! And we love Monte Vista Vet!
Cindi Vallin
Monte vista vet rocks…took care of our lil tillie when she was sick. An iPad would be a great addition, but nothing beats Tillie!
Carolyn Kendrick
God bless you all for what you do
Charlotte Smith
Tiffany Grigsby
thanks for caring for God’s creatures.
Nina Herman
Best Vets ! Take great care of our Chandler!
Faith Gallagher
Amazing facility!! Worth making the trip from Newman for our pets needs.
JennIfer Lane
Thanks for all you do!
Jeffrey Ray Stone
Liked n shared! Monte Vista Small Pet Hospital rocks when it comes to caring for our fur babies!
Michelle Amarillas
Love This place
Monica Gonzales Eatough
Love this office they are great.
Sherri Reyna
Woot! heart emoticon this office and the staff! Rudy says hi!!!
Skye D OA
Such a beautiful office and such a great staff! Love taking my fur babies here.
Ciera Baltagi
Great place
Claire Souto
MVSAH saved our Mariah’s life! We are forever grateful!
Jilian Giles
This place is so awesome thank you for all you do in our community.
Joyce Krogh
You guys take such good care of are frenchie!
Jason Stanley
Love this place. They’re so gentle with our kids
Lori Anderson
Judi McCown Summers We have been bring our Boston Terrier puppies here to the MVSAH for a very long time..thank you..from Taj..Gizzy (r.i.p.) Mr. Bo Jangles and all 80+ puppies. .
Judi McCown Summers
You guys are the BEST
Janelle Stanley
Smokey loves his vet visits
Jeo Rojas Moore
Zoey is so healthy and happy, taken care of by MVSAH. She loves her a Royal Canin Development Kitten. Thank you for the excellent care and service you all provide!
Julie Squire Hoffman
I just want to say that I have been bringing my animals to you guys for a long time & I really appreciate how great you guys are with them! All I have to say is that the service is great & that the doctors are AMAZING! Absolutely amazing people! I also appreciate how much you care about your patients!
Marissa Rocha
Love this place
Timothy Olvera
Bless you Dr. Santos. Your heart is in the right place.
Emily Medeiros
Dr Rob Santos you are a freakin miracle worker!!
Robyn Garrett
As if I needed another reason to like you guys. Thank you for providing this service to the community.
Fernanda Desousa-Borges
Awesome!!! You guys are truly the best!!! Duke and Oso will thank you guys!
Oscar Aguilar
God bless to all of you
Mike Ericks
Love it… Your the BEST.
Betty Mendoza Barry
Awesome!! You are truly Wonderful!!
Denise Kain Palecek
Wow, this is so fabulous! We just moved out here and are so happy to have found such an amazing vet clinic!
Ashlie Nicole
Thank you monte vista pet hospital
Diana Spore
Appreciate all you do for the animals !!! Extended hours really help :))
Jennetta Day-Shiff
You guys are da BOMB!!!!
Pinky Rocky Sereno
You guys are awesome, each and every one of you
Sherri Robinson
Love you guys!
Lynne Hollingsworth Sale
You are so wonderful! Thank you for doing this and caring so much about our furry family members. You are all so wonderful and truly appreciated!!
Dan-Becki Woodall
You guys are the greatest. Thank you!!
Pat Cotta Brooks
Thank you for being the best and for giving your best to our 4 legged loved ones! Scooby our Great Dane and Princess our Mini-Dachshund are wagging their tales in gratitude!
Natalie Odle
Thank you for being open and taking care of our little Bueller yesterday!
Lynne Hollingsworth Sale
All of you at MVSMA are great!
Liz Taylor
Thank you for all the work you’ve done with my Shorty
Raymond Siefka
If you Love your Pet and want the very best care for them , MONTE VISTA SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL IS THE PLACE TO TAKE THEM .Dr Marks and Dr. Santos and all the Vets and Staff there will take care of you Immediately and they really do care about you as well as your Pet . All of my Rescue dogs have gone there for years . I would never want to take them anywhere else. THANKS DR.MARKS AND DR. SANTOS FOR REALLY CARING ABOUT LOUIE,GINGER AND GIZZY !! ALSO FOR BUSTER AND LD AND TOBY . DUSTY AND DEWEY . YOUR BOTH THE BEST ….. THANKS
Patty Pridmore-Schauer
Thank you for always taking such good care of our pets
Cindy Schumacher Trow
Thank you MONTE VISA SMALL ANIMAL CLINIC ! You do great work..
Jean Rose Marie Meier
You guys are amazing, Merry Christmas
Chris Berman Billesbach
Your place is the “bomb,” sir.
Christopher Davis
Thank you for everything you guys do!!
Oscar Vigil
Absolutely love this place, the vets are awesome the support staff are wonderful! Take your pet companions here and you will feel right at home as will the pet companions. We drive all the way from Newman. How about you?
Sharon Burns Eachus
Thanks for the great care and prompt service I received on Saturday! So grateful for weekend appointments!
Janice Hobbs
You are just amazing people. Thank you for all you do.
Christine Wagner McGregor
Thank you,for all you do for us & pets. Awwwwsome people
Beatriz Barrera
Best animal hospital EVER! I refer everyone to you! You just had Bridgette and Marcus’s dog Olive for neutering and she’s doing amazing! Xo
Jill Callahan
Truly the best and very clean!!! You guys saved my Shelby and will be forever grateful!!!
Melissa Bare Shields
The best!!
Renee Vaga
The staff at Monte Vista received our Piper’s body, called Marie, prepared Piper’s body for burial, and a week laters sent us a sympathy card signed by each staff member. Thanks so much to Monte Vista Small Pet Hospital for your empathy during our difficult time.
Anthony Nicastro
There. Is not another place like Monte Vista. Dr. Marks and Dr Santos and the staff have helped us with 3 of our precious dogs and 1 cat to be put down these past two years. They treated us like family and truly cared about our Pets. Maria at the desk is the Best. We love you. Monte Vista !!
Patty Pridmore-Schauer
You doctors. are the Best. Of course. I usually. see Dr. Marks. I’ve. been taking animals or I should say my ( Babies ) there for atleast 8 years. They. make their patients feel safe and. they generally. are all caring individuals.
Ruthanne Hernandez
This is Awesome . I would use these hours and be very Happy to be able to get my dogs to the Doctors there !! My dogs are happy there and everyone knows my dogs .Thanks Dr.Santos and Dr. Marks for such an incredible service to all of our Pets
Patty Pridmore-Schauer
Such caring people
Renee Vaga
Love them !
Cheryl Baker Camacho
Thank you for everything you guys do!!
Oscar Vigil
Thank you,for all you do for us & pets. Awwwwsome people
Beatriz Barrera
Yay Good job Dr Avalle
Dana E Price
God really blessed this sweet Pup,He got the best , when he went to Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital. Great Job Dr.Avalle
Patty Pridmore-Schauer
Great job Dr. Avalle!
Rick Hotchkiss
dr santos is the best veterinarian in the world my animals have been going to him since i was 13 yyears old he made by hand (which at this time nobody has ever been able to do this before) made a cast out of popsicle sticks it took him a whilr to make it and saved my chinchillas life hes done soo much for my family pets big or small or even tiny hes just great at what he does as well as kind and generous he never turns down a sick pet
Jennie Campos-whitten
Yes Thank you Dr.Santos and MVSAH ! My son had a great time.
Tiffany Grigsby
Love you guys!
Kristi Hendren
Monte vista Rules!
Gerry Gilmore
Love Monte Vista! I live in Ceres but still come here with all my animals. See you guys in a couple hours with Leia for her third round of puppy shots.
Christine Ohm-Jones
The best doggie “hotel” ever! Thank you for all of the love & care that you show Sophie!
Cherie Carlson Bowen
He’s my VET….Dr. Santos is Awesome !!!
Jennetta Day-Shiff
Doctor Rob RULES!!!!!
Gerry Gilmore
Omg, he’s the vet thay saved my puppy 18 years ago!!! I love him still till this day!! If I still Lived in CA I would still take my pets to him!!!
Alyson Austin
I LOVE Dr. Santos! I was going to him when he was in the small building downtown. He was soooo good with my dogs…smile emoticon Glad to see he is still doing good things….
Jean Harwood Vincent
Wanted to thank everyone at Monte Vista for their help and encouragement in helping our doxie on her weight loss program. Erin was a great coach and Heidi was able to loose three pounds-apporx 15% weight loss. She looks great, is more active and we will continue her program until she has shed a few more pounds. This is a great program and one I would recommend–if your pet needs to loose some weight-sign up for the next class!!
Mike Dunn
Way to go Dr. Santos! Where’s the mama? Is she ok??
Nicole Avila-Aguiniga
Keep up the good work up
Ronnie Leonardo
Our kids grew up taking their animals to Dr Santos original office. Now my granddaughter is taking hers to the best animal hospital in the valley! Hooray to Dr. Santos and all of his fabulous staff! Monte vista small animal hospital! 5 star!
Lynn G Meshew
He is already the top vet in the nation. I know, he saved my two boys: BillWilly and B.W. Best vet and even better friend.
John David Heaton Iii
Dr. Lee is a great vet!
Amber Gold
Dr. Edwards treated my Lucy with great care and concern!!!! I will bring any of my K-9 crew for her care !!
Gerry Gilmore
Dr. Edwards stepped in to help with one of my chinchillas! We are glad she works at monte vista. Always nice to have a back up vet
Amber Gold
There’s my girls! MV Vet, you’ve taken great care of them (especially Riley) over the years. Thank you for being invested in my fur-kids!
Courtney Montague
Congrats Shawna , you do an awesome job , My dogs always get the best of care and each surgery they have had the very best care that I could ever hope for . God Bless
Patty Pridmore-Schauer
Way to dr santos and team
Steven Vanden Heuvel
MVSAH does such wonderful things for these precious, injured and homeless animals! My husband and I recently adopted a wonderful little dog from MVSAH. We appreciate all that you do for them Doc Santos and staff.
Jean Rae
Best place ever for your pets
Sheila Collins
Michelle Sandoval
Love the service at monte vista small animal hospital
Blanca Estela Millan
Best Vets in town! Duke, Oso, and now Blanco love it there. Receptionist are so friendly
Oscar Aguilar
This is where I take my Zoey! ! Best place
Teresa Misita
Best Vets in town!!! Love Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital
Barbara Baratta Evans
Very nice vets and staff . Always recommend to my friends with pets.
Jaime Kulik
Monte Vista is the finest animal hospital around. That is why I recommend it to all my friends and family.
Peggy Carter
Everyone there is the best!!!!
Beth Silva
Best Vet in the valley!!!
Jaymie Cannon
Best vet for sure!
Maggie Masztal
I LOVE MVSAH!!! They take such good care of my babies!!
Ramona Andrius-Suarez
I liked and shared! I love this place they took very good care of my cat rag-a-muffin! She is getting very chunky now that she is fixed. I should actually say she is fluffy not chunky lol.
Melissa Alvarez
Best vet ever! I’ve been taking our. Guinea pig, and dogs to them. Ever since Dr Santos started here. I pray he never leaves the area!! God bless them for everything they have done and the compassion and you can tell by the way they handle the animals that they truly care! Thank you each and everyone of you for all the love and going way beyond your call of duty to help us with our pets. Our pets are not only pets to us they are our family!
Pat Cray
And you guys are awesome. Indy will be in … In a few weeks.
Linda Brown
Great Vets!
Mirella Lopez
You saved the life of our beloved Moose and give us great service each month when he comes in for his shot. Thank you
Ana Parada
Bonnie Edgecomb
Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital is “The Business”!
Julie Cothran
A long time ago, when Dr. Santos was first starting out…I had a Mastiff. I knew then that this man was different and I was correct! He has a drive to the best and his passion in unique as well. I trust him and his team. I thank him for making sure I have a place to take my fur babies.
Tonja Westfall Jackson
Best Vet in the state!!
Shawna Leigh
Monte vista small animal hospital is awesome I’ve been taking my pets there for the 15 years
Shanessa Tillery
The BEST …Dr.Santos, my dogs Gizmo and Boo Boo love you.
Marlene Murphy
Very good vet and thoroughly attentive.
Lindsey Hightower-Cooper
Best veterinary clinic ever I’ve been going to see Dr Santos since my parents brought there puppy’s to him … He even made a cast for my chinchilla out of popsicle sticks lol I love this place and would never go anywhere else thankyou for always being there for us and our puppys
Jennie Campos-whitten
Love the Vets & Staff!
Janet Pezzoni-Barron
Star customer service I always feel that my dog is in the best hands when I come to them
Shane Balfour
I’ve always taken my dogs here. The lady’s at the front desk are always friendly.
Cheri Lea
My Max loved his home away from home !
Jane Drlik Strong
I travel from Modesto for pet care and wouldn’t trust my Rotti, my Chihuahua or my kitty with any other Vet! Always awesome service and care!
Audra Munoz
Thanks for helping me with the little stray kitten I found.
Vanessa Dixon
Dr. Rob Santos is the absolute best and took such good care of my Erine smile emoticon
Lori Green
You show so much compassion in your posts. A dogs instincts for trust can show us a lot.
Donna Clarke Delaire
We love you montevista small animal hospital. Keep up the great work!
Karagribble Neilbennett
Dr. Edwards saved the life of my beloved Winnie! She saw her @ 5:00pm & Winnie was in surgery by 7:00pm for a twisted stomach. Winnie wouldn’t have made it through the night if she had waited. Both our dogs get wonderful care @ Monte Vista. And we board them there when we go out of town!
Eulalee Hubble
I Am Always in there! they saved my Dog Lucifer & now i dont go anywhere else. I have 10 cats & 5 dogs so i am always in there lol I would love to win this for work & even if i don’t you guys still rock!! Love Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital
Jess Stevens
Yay! MONTE VISTA SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL, U WERE there when we needed to have Sali Girl fixed…. n she is doing GREAT!!!! Thanks Again!!!!
Jeannette Vasquez
We love the monte vista animal hospital!!
Tammy Hart
Our pets get the best care here!!
Little Red
Recently changed to monte vista and am thrilled with them !!!
Stephanie Mota Jaussen
Monte Vista helped our Roadie to live a few precious months with us. For that, I’ll always be grateful to them for discounting the cost so we could help her. Our sweet girl we found on the side of the road.
Andrea Hacker Hiykel
We love all the vets at Monte Vista Small Animal Clinic.
Victoria Salisbury
I like this pet hospital
Ernesto Ramirez
Love Monte Vista Vet doctors and staff!!!
Kathy Evans Fielder
They are great when my dog had her puppies all the new owners took them there too. They are great with sheppards
Sherri Reyna
We love Monte Vista! Dr. Santos and his staff and the best.
Susan Allen
Best Team and Friendly. Love the way they make you feel no matter what going on with your baby. always a kind word or hug
DeAnna Rose- Norris
Great job Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital
Sandy DeWalt Marks
Monte Vista helped me work out a payment plan with my dog of 14 years who was real sick….not one other animal clinic would even consider it….soooo THANK YOU MONTE VISTA !!!!
Linda Frisk
Thank you for being the best vet choice for my family. We travel to you from Modesto and Merced County . Best service and care.
Marlene Murphy
Thank you DR Marks
Barbara Barbour
I love the staff and doctors They are always friendly ready to answer all my question at anytime. Thank you Monte Vista Hospital, you make my life easier
Laura Forrest
Dr. Lee is so nice
Renee Vaga
I am so grateful that my Sam and Lucky have Dr. Lee for their vet. She is very knowledgeable and is very good with them.
Annette Groves
Thank you again Dr. Marks & staff for making Keyo & Snickers emergency situation so good. Ur all awesome. Wishing u all a Merry Christmas!!!
Jennifer Laran
The Monte Vista team is the best! You feel like family to us. Thanks for the love amd care you show to those we have stewardship over and to us when it’s time to send them on. From our unconventional family to all of you, thank you.
Bill Lindley
I am very grateful that you were open yesterday when our dog got hit by a car. Your staff couldn’t have been more kind and helpful. Thank you. Renee
Renee DeGrendel
And we luv Dr. Santos. Thank you for everything this year
Carol Stirling-Grace
You all are so wonderful and hard working, Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Chris Berman Billesbach
Happy Thanksgiving & thanks for all you do heart emoticon
Elizabeth Christopher
I am thankful for the superior service from MVSH, DR Santos and Dr Estrada!
Cheryl Phillips
Happy thanksgiving to all the fine staff at monte vista ! We love are pets
Mike Ericks
DO you adopt dogs at Monte Vista Hospital ?? I love those doctors at Monte Vista in Turlock !!!
Jean Rose Marie Meier
Great job, MVSAH.
Hillari Delgado
Thanks for all you do… you guys are great
Shamayne Doerman
The Monte Vista team is the best! You feel like family to us. Thanks for the love amd care you show to those we have stewardship over and to us when it’s time to send them on. From our unconventional family to all of you, thank you.
Bill Lindley
Monte Vista Vets has the best team of people
Claudette Lewis Melton Smalley
Wonderful, Dr. Santos! And, it’s all true! Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful staff
Barbara Ball Johnson
We have an awesome Vet in a small town just up the road from us in a town called Orland. When my sons dog got very ill, they were so compatiant & carrying. If you are low on $, well who isn’t they take calteral (boats, rings, on on) it’s amazing. Then just sometimes they do it for free
Lisa Rizzo-Atterberry
Dr. Z is the best, but I’m not partial or anything.
Marilyn Zumstein
MVSAH does such wonderful things for these precious, injured and homeless animals! My husband and I recently adopted a wonderful little dog from MVSAH. We appreciate all that you do for them Doc Santos and staff.
Jean Rae
I had a very sweet outside “porch” cat that was attacked by two marauding dogs and critically injured. He is alive and well today because of Dr. Santo’s and the staff at Monte Vista.I recalled seeing Monte Vista’s comments and postings on facebook about their willingness to work with their clients on payment plans, recession plans, etc., and providing the best care without the outrageous emergency room fees. That always stuck with me. I decided I would take the “stray” there. I called from the road (I live 30 miles away), provided information about the cat and was told they would be ready and waiting to take him when I arrived. When I got there they immediately took “Rufus” (I had to give him a name) into their care as an emergency patient. I was escorted to a very pleasant, state of the art waiting room to provide some background information. Within a short period of time, Dr. Santos came in to tell me the extent of Rufus’s injuries (as far as he could tell) and give me an …
Heidi Green
My dog Brain was not well and I took him to Monte Vista because Community was closed for the evening. Brain had had surgery on a mass a month and a half before at Community. Although he survived the surgery and the mass was gone he never truly got better and developed a cough. When we took Brain to Monte Vista we saw Dr. Avalle this was a thurs. She was so kind and loving toward Brain. She took x-rays and put Brain on Oxygen she gave him a shot to help his lungs open up and not work so hard. She explained the xrays to us in detail. She sent us home with Medicine for him and made sure to tell us that she would be out the next day but for us to call and let them know how Brain was doing and she would be checking her messages. I received a call from the office to check on him. They made sure to mention if he needed to be brought back in to do so and to call and they would contact Dr. Avalle. I’m sad to say that Brain didn’t make it and we are absolutely heartbroken. I called to ask …
Luz Gaytan
dr santos is the best vet in the world!
Corina Fezi
Vets are extremely friendly & helpful, they go the extra mile for their patients. They’re not charging for every extra things they do. Most receptionist are very polite except for Elizabeth who acts like you’re ruining her day by coming in. Other than her it was a pleasant experience.
Thank u for offering this!!!! We love MV! Always take such great care of our pets
Michelle Gill
Omgosh you guys are awesome!!
Deborah Phillips
What a great vet!
Jackie Wozniak
I just went to this hospital and I am so happy with the attention they gave me and my uncle fur baby best I’m moving all my fur babies to this hospital it’s amazing
Blanca Regalado
Great job, thanks Monte Vista Vet.
Susanne West
That’s where we go. Has been good so far.
Rick Erickson
Such a great Doc!
Genii Drew
Welcome back and Happy Father’s Day Dr. Rob ! You are the best !!!!
Michelle Sandoval
Congratulations, Dr. Marks! He does so much for the community. He is an amazing person, and it’s awesome he has been honored in this way! Way to go, Doug!
Jacquelyn Hesson-Bridgers
Yep, he’s an amazing human, and I bet pretty high up in the animal world, too! Well deserved!!
Nancy L Pittman
I can’t express how much I appreciate all you guys do for us and the whole Central Valley!! Thanks a million.
Jessica Johnson
Shared.You saved my girls lives! Forever grateful
Emily Medeiros
Shared, thanks for always being there when needed, your the Best.
Debbie Rodriguez
You are the best !!!!!
Linda Fahlenkamp
Thank you to MVSAH staff you guys are the best!
Liz Taylor
Katie Cole
awesome vets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Frisk
My Sam and Lucky love Dr. Lee.
Annette Groves
Dr. Lee rocks!
Denise Anderson
Dr. Lee saved Jake. She would call me everyday for a month and give me a report! Now that’s caring!!!
Gerry Gilmore
As always the prettiest animals go to your little hospital making work that much more fun
Angelica English
Dr. Santos rocks
Renee Vaga
We love Rob Santos!!!