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Your pet needs an annual exam just like you do. But 15% of pets that appear healthy to owners and veterinarians during their annual checkups are found to have hidden diseases. Many diseases show few, if any, signs during initial stages of infection. When signs do become visible, often it is because infection has become serious. Just like people, your cat's or dog's health will change as it ages and because pets age faster than people, major health changes can happen quickly.

Core Wellness Diagnostics has the latest equipment and technology in Blood analysis, digital x-rays and ultra sonography that can give the veterinarians at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital answers in minutes. With our team of doctors, we will form an early detection system for hidden diseases, which may improve treatment options and patient prognosis.


TOTAL VALUE $425.00 for $199.00

- Full Exam including Dental Exam

- Express Anal Glands & Nail Trim

- Full Blood Panel (Chem & CBC)

- Heartworm Testing

- Fecal Testing

Advanced Care

TOTAL VALUE $615.00 for $349.00

All of the Baseline plus...

- Thyroid testing

- Digital X-rays

- Urinalysis

VIP Option Care

an extra $100.00 - $325.00 in options

All of the Baseline & Advanced Care plus... options in

- Further Liver Evaluation or

- Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Analysis or

- Expanded Cardiac Study


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